Martin Rechsteiner

Software Developer

About me

I'm a Norwegian software developer living in Oslo, where I work as the lead iOS developer for DNB. I have a lot of experience building software, both as a designer and as a software engineer. I love learning new things and I often experiment with new tools and languages.

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Work Experience


Lead iOS Developer

DNB is the largest bank in the Nordics. At DNB, I work as the lead iOS developer, building their new mobile banking app for iOS and iPadOS. We recently re-wrote the app from scratch and it's now one of the most used apps in Norway. Check out the Talks sections for more details.

DNB Mobile App
Framework Icon
A screenshot of the mobile bank on both iOS and iPadOS.

EGGS Design

Senior Developer

EGGS is a consultancy that helps companies build new products and services. During my time there I worked on a range of different project with everything from native apps using Swift, web projects using TypeScript and cross-platform apps using React Native and Xamarin.

Blueye App Blueye Underwater Drone
The Blueye underwater drone. I helped both with the design and development of the app that is used to control the drone. Read more here. Photo by Blueye Robotics AS.
SpareBank1 Driv
Driv was a product by SpareBank1 that helped small business owners get an overview over their economy. I worked as the lead web developer. Made using TypeScript, React and d3.js.


Product Designer, iOS Developer

Flow is a project management tool for small teams and businesses. At Flow, I was responsible for designing and developing the iOS apps, as well as to developing new product ideas for the web-application.


Product Designer, Web Developer

Kantega is a Norwegian software consultency firm. During my time there I worked on multiple different web projects, working both as a designer and a web developer.


Product Designer

MetaLab is a product design agency that has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry. During my time there I worked as a UI designer on a variety of projects, like re-launching their invoicing tool called Ballback. Eventually I started working on Flow, which was later spun-out as a separate company.


Parchment Parchment Github Stars

Parchment is an open-source iOS framework that’s being used by thousands of apps. It's simple UI component that lets you page between multiple views while showing a menu that scrolls along the content.


Pickle is a minimalistic recipe app for storing and developing your own recipes. It let's you track progress, make notes and collaborate with other people. Pickle is currently in private beta, but feel free to contact me if you want to test it out.

Pickle Recipes Changes Pickle Recipe App
Pickle Marketing
Pickle is designed and developed by me. I've re-implemented it a dozen times in different languages and frameworks, but finally settled on a server-rendered approach using Phoenix LiveView and Elixir.


Composite was an iOS app for creating interactive prototypes using Photoshop. It automatically connected to Photoshop and converted the documents into interactive, gesture based prototypes. We created Composite as part of Panes Software, trying to improve the state of prototyping tools at the time.

Composite Marketing Page
Composite Logo
A screenshot of the marketing site and logo. See more at Dribbble.